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  Cost savings is the number-one reason most people switch from a traditional phone service to VoIP. Companies or businesses can save big, too- using a VoIP service, you can virtually eliminate the equipment and maintenance charges that go along with owning a traditional on-site phone system.

  VoIP service provides significant cost savings because calls are routed using an internet connection, not traditional phone lines. Since outgoing calls cannot be geographically located, there is no way to assess long distance charges. A call placed using computer/telephony integration will cost the same whether the destination is across the street or across the country- most users can save thousands or more in long distance charges alone.

  Cost savings aren’t the only reason to make the switch. VoIP provides unique features, allows you to access calls from anywhere an internet connection is available, and provides valuable call tracking and system management features that can be easily accessed from a computer.

  VoIP phone systems, or internet-based telephony, is a great choice for small businesses, large companies, even households. Switching to VoIP is a relatively easy process- in most cases, you can download phone system software directly from a provider’s website and implement the new system within a few hours.

Here are a few of the most commonly cited voip benefits of using a VoIP system:
Benefits of Using VoIP
Cost Savings
Saving money is the number-one reason most businesses and households make the switch to a VoIP  system. You can realize cost savings in a few ways:

First, your charges will be lower than they would be using a traditional phone line.

Why? Because VoIP calls can’t be routed geographically- they use the internet to send call data instead of a traditional phone           line- no long distance charges can be added to your bill.

VoIP systems don’t require a phone cabinet or on-site routing equipment- just phones.
No on-site equipment means no need for on-site maintenance, as well.

VoIP can save the typical small business thousands of dollars or more in phone bills, equipment charges, and maintenance fees.
  VoIP also allows users to take advantage of advanced features only available on internet-based phone systems. Features like online call monitoring, and online phone system access to add or configure extensions are also available with VoIP systems.
  VoIP  allows people to go mobile and call directly from their cellphone and be charged at low voip rat.
Smart Technology
That Saves Money
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Tracking Options
  Since VoIP is an internet-based system, you can track and manage your system from your computer. Most VoIP systems allow you to track call volume and call time fairly easily- a feature that can be especially helpful for businesses that bill clients hourly or for time spent on the phone.
Why VoIP
  Free yourself from expensive phone bills with voip. Voip uses your high speed Internet connection to replace your phone lines. You use your normal phone just like you've always done. When you pick up the phone, you hear a dial tone. When someone calls, the phone rings. What's different? Voip includes local, long distance, great features, and more in one low flat fee.
Superior Quality
  Digital lines increase the quality of your calls. Voip uses your high speed Internet connection to replace those old phone lines. Your calls sound great and at a fraction of the price you've been used to paying.
Great International Rates
  Save money on your International calls with voip's low rates to countries all around the world.
Take the Mystery out of Your Monthly Phone Bill
  Somehow, with traditional phone service a thirty dollar phone bill turns into fifty dollars when you add taxes, surcharges, tariffs, billing fees, and who knows what else they tack on to your monthly statement! With voip, you only pay for the voip airtime. It's that simple. We've taken the guess work out of your phone bill and put it back where it should be.
Risk-Free Guarantee
  We want everyone in the world to experience the benefits of voip. So, here's a revolutionary idea — try us for a month. If you like voip (like we know you will), keep us. If you don't like us, you can find someone else. We will port you to another provider for free. We know that you'll love the voip service. If you feel more comfortable knowing that you can cancel, we're more than happy to provide this risk-free option for you.